Monitor, Detect & Analyze
User-based Threats

User Activity Monitoring Software

for your servers and workstations



employee monitoring

Set up non-intrusive passive monitoring of employee activity on servers and PCs, detect fraud, improper data and digital assets usage.

privileged user audit

Perform server user monitoring and audit system settings change, backdoor account creations, harmful installations, unauthorized privilege escalation.

subcontractor control

Monitor how the third-party service providers and remote vendors work within your corporate network, discover security violations and improper actions.

security compliance

Prevent fraud and insider threats while adhering to the industry regulations including:










Get all security data you need from your computer activity monitoring software and respond any incidents adequately.

real-time protection

Use live session access for monitoring computer activity in real-time. Get real-time alerts and act immediately.
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Use the enterprise-grade user monitoring software from Ekran System now
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Get overall user activity tracking with this local, Telnet, and terminal session monitoring software. See any user session in your reports.
Set up advanced video logging for any actions performed with critical applications, data, and IT configuration.
Get platform-independent software to monitor computer activity for Windows, Linux, Citrix, and VMware environments.
secret sauce

Continuous monitoring

Enable offline session recording and get continuous monitoring even if server connection is temporary lost or limited.

Unstoppable agent

Rely on the user activity monitoring software that cannot be stopped under any privileged user account.

USB monitoring and more

USB device monitoring, secondary user authentication, simultaneous terminal session recording, and more.