Ekran System is

licensed by the number of Ekran

Clients –end-points to be monitored.

All Management components, including Server and Management

Tool, are included with any deployment.

For Ekran System US Clients, two types of end-point subscriptions are available:
Workstation license


Clients with this subscription monitor only one session, either remote or local, on the investigated Windows desktop. Licenses of the workstation type cannot be assigned to a computer with Server OS.

Server license



Clients with this subscription monitor unlimited number of sessions on the investigated server. There are Windows/Citrix server licenses (terminal and local sessions) and Linux server licenses (Telnet sessions).

When subscribing, you may select any number of licenses of the required type and receive a generated serial key, which you then activate. After activation, you may assign the licenses, included in the serial key, to Ekran clients.


Ekran System Management Tool provides a simple interface to assign, remove, and transfer Ekran licenses between end-points in your environment with just a couple of clicks.

Software Subscription

Ekran System is available as a monthly subscription, which includes technical support, system updates, initial configuration assistance and online administrator training.For subscription information please fill out the price request form and we'll respond shortly.


You may activate a serial key automatically via the Internet (requires Internet access on the installed Ekran Server), or manually (on a server without Internet access). To activate serial keys manually, please refer to the Offline Activation page.