Advanced User Authentication Options


If a Client is installed on a terminal server, several users may use the same account to log in to this computer. That is why it is important to identify the person, who uses the generic/shared login account (such as administrator or root), and limit the access to specific users.


Ekran System allows you to identify users logging in to a terminal server computer by the means of the Forced User Authentication feature. It is a second layer of authentication to improve the security of your servers – and clearly assign activity logs to a particular user.


If enabled, this component asks a user to enter additional credentials after logging in under the generic login. While viewing the sessions with enabled Forced User Authentication, you will see the user secondary login along with the primary login.


The security policies of some companies or regulations of some countries may demand to notify a user logging in to a Client computer that his or her session is being monitored. In this case, you can enable the displaying of an additional monitoring notification message on user logging in. You can customize the text of the message to display other information related to corporate security.