Continuous Monitoring and Data Integrity


When monitoring user’s activity, it is important to capture every action performed by the user and guarantee the integrity of monitored security logs and their timely delivery to the data storage.


Client Protection


Ensuring the integrity of monitored data and safety of monitoring process may be critical to corporate security. You should be sure that nobody of users of monitored end-point is able to stop or bypass monitoring and session recording, whether it is a user with generic permissions, privileged user, or even a backdoor account.


Ekran System allows you to protect the Client and its data by enabling the Protected Mode. The usage of the Protected Mode has the following advantages:


  • Prevention of Client uninstallation.
  • Prevention of stopping the Client processes.
  • Prevention of editing the Client system files and logs.
  • Prevention of editing of Client settings in the registry of the Client computer.
  • Prevention of modification, removal, and renaming of Client files.


Data Integrity


Ekran System safeguards the collected data making sure that no evidence is lost. Even if the network connection on the Client computer breaks for a while, Ekran System Client continues working and gathers the monitored data in the offline mode.


As soon as the connection is restored, the monitored security data is sent to the Ekran System Server. So no evidence will be lost as long as the Client is installed on the computer.


Ekran System adapts to the bad or instable network connection, so when the bandwidth between Client and Server is limited, monitored data is sent anyway in smaller packages, to prevent uncontrollable stored data expansion on the Client.