Employee Activity Monitoring Software


Employee activity monitoring is a component of the enterprise security system and is frequently required by compliance norms, specifically for the employees with the escalated privileges and those working with the sensitive data.


Employees, who have legitimate access to the corporate digital assets, can be the centers of the devastating and silent attacks. Typical security issues include fraud schemes and sensitive data misuse. These security breaches can stay undetected for years.


Employee monitoring software in modern enterprise should cover different scenarios: ensure uninterruptible privileged user audit, organize efficient centralized control over the geographically separated locations, provide remote employee activity monitoring.


Universal employee computer monitoring


Ekran System is a universal monitoring tool providing employee activity tracking for


  • any end-point,
  • any network architecture,
  • any user privileges.


The solution uses non-intrusive monitoring approach producing indexed video records of all user sessions on the selected end-points.


Integrated while searchable indexed video, being an advanced security data format, allows to monitor efficiently


  • the great variety of user software, including cloud-based applications;
  • all kinds of data exchange channels, including emails, chats, and device interactions;
  • provide employee Internet monitoring;
  • rebuild any security issue.  


Additional Ekran System features like URL monitoring and USB management close the gap of overall employee computer activity control and allow to generate even more detailed reports and alert system notifications.


Active and passive DLP solutions


Software to monitor computer activity of employees is an alternative to the active DLP solutions, which include automated action blocking and session interruption functionality.


Classic DLP solution is hard to configure for the complicated modern infrastructures, and so their high level of false positives frequently block legal business processes and affect business continuity.


Passive monitoring systems like Ekran System, providing detailed comprehensive employee activity log and real-time alerts for quick incident response, are the efficient alternative approach.


Integrated easy-to-understand security data format, used in Ekran System, and convenient centralized analysis via Ekran System Web-based management console give all necessary insights and visibility into employee computer activity at any part of the enterprise infrastructure.


The best cost-effective licensing scheme on the market makes Ekran System one of the most attractive software solutions to monitor employee computer activity.


Legal employee monitoring


Although some companies from European countries can face legal collisions between employee computer monitoring and personal data protection laws, employee activity control is still important and can be carefully organized according to the official legal employee monitoring recommendations.


Ekran System provides all necessary features to minimize legal risks, meet those recommendations, and respect employees’ privacy while organizing efficient security monitoring.