Insider Threat Detection and Prevention


Insider threats in cyber security, frequently referred as the user-based threats, are commonly cited as one of the major risks for organizations. Ekran System will equip you with an efficient yet affordable tool for insider threat monitoring and audit.


Insider threat awareness


Insiders are employees, third-party contractors, and other business partners that have legitimate access to corporate data. Insiders present a threat of abusing the access privileges in order to steal, corrupt, or destroy valuable corporate or employees’ data or use it for fraud. While data breaches are the most popular security issue in this case, some insiders also can perform the critical configuration changes.


Various corporate security executive surveys show the growing awareness of the insider threats. Thus, in 2015, up to 90% of the surveyed specialists name human behavior as the biggest threat to their organizations. More than 70% of them have a program to prevent insider threat and organize employee fraud detection.


Insider threat detection challenges


Insider attacks compromising corporate cyber security are usually harder to detect than those caused by the third-party intruders, and thus such data breaches and fraud schemes can stay undetected for months.


This fact is the result of the insider specifics:


  • Insider users have legitimate access to the infrastructure endpoints and sensitive data, thus the security perimeter won’t be alarmed.
  • Employees perform thousands of legitimate operations with sensitive data daily, it is hard to distinguish malicious activity. Thus, enterprise insider threat indicators are much more complicated than those of external intrusion are.
  • Insiders, especially those with privileged access, can efficiently cover tracks.


Because of different specifics of internal and external risks, the corporate strategy of mitigation and managing threats to data should include specialized insider threat detection solutions.


Prevent insider threats with Ekran System


Ekran System is a comprehensive monitoring solution to log insider user activity, track indicators of insider threat and suspicious user behavior, and provide investigators all required information to respond security incidents adequately.


Session video logs. With Ekran System, any insider session on the critical endpoints will be recorded in the advanced video format, with accompanying metadata to enable quick searching. In the intuitive Web-based interface, investigators can search by multiple parameters across all video logs, replay any session or get access to the live ones, additionally track visited URLs and connected USB devices. More


Alerts on suspicious activity. The solution allows to configure custom behavioral indicators of potential insider threat, automatically detect and trigger suspicious activity, and notify security personnel by means of alert system. More


Privileged account audit. Being a professional insider threat management software, Ekran System equally monitors generic and privileged user accounts providing advanced protection techniques to guarantee that even privileged IT personnel will not cover any tracks of malicious activity. More


Reports and forensics. Ekran System generates different kinds of reports on user activity and includes Forensic Export option to provide proper evidence for forensics response. More


Affordability. Ekran System provides the most flexible subscription model on the market based on the number of monitored end-points, making deployment of any size cost-effective. Customers also benefit from the optional support of the free embedded database.